May 2019 Reading & Tasting



The month of May was named for the Roman Goddess Maia, who embodied the concept of growth. It also translates to “she who is great.” And aside from the obvious growth and greatness of spring and warmth, May is a good time to think about personal growth, too. In that vein, I selected the newest book from one of my favorite (and greatest) storytellers, Ruth Reichl: Save Me The Plums. The gourmet memoir is about Ruth’s personal journey as the Editor in Chief of Gourmet and how she handles being in charge, making her mark, and following her dreams. A bonus: There are recipes weaved through the book for your added cooking pleasure.


To pair, we will be drinking a refreshing white wine that belongs on every springtime dinner table: Albarin̄o from Spain. In your glass, you’ll find notes of lemon zest, grapefruit, honeydew melon, nectarine, and a slight salinity. The wine is high acid and crisp, and I suggest pairing it with Ruth’s recipe for Spicy Chinese Noodles, found on page 57 of your hardcover book.