June 2019 Reading & Tasting



June is almost here, and this month we’re reading a book everyone’s talking (and posting, and tweeting) about, Normal People by Sally Rooney, a novel about the complex romance between two teenagers, Connell and Marianne. Set during the recession in 2011 in Ireland, the story delves into the differences in class between them, as Connell’s mother is employed as a cleaner for Marianne’s family. It’s a modern day love story, and is 28-year-old Rooney’s second novel.


To pair, I wanted to select a wine that captures the freshness of Connell and Marianne’s relationship. I picked a grape that is often misunderstood and under-appreciated, but once you get it, you’ll crave its sharp acidity and floral aromas: Riesling. It often gets a bad rap because it’s believed to be super sweet, but in fact, most Rieslings are dry and crisp, with notes of citrus and minerality.