May 2018 Reading & Tasting



I was drawn to The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer not only for the in-your-face rainbow cover with bold type, but also for its timeliness to current events, and its abundance of rave reviews. The novel centers around a shy college freshman who meets a prominent figure in the women's movement, changing her future and life path forever. The Female Persuasion explores female mentorship and the relationship between a mentor and a mentee, a topic I think is underrepresented in literature. 


Rosé is almost a cliché at this point. In an Instagram culture of #roseallday, and Insta-famous celebrities like @thefatjewish creating their own bottles of aptly named White Girl Rosé, I admit, I roll my eyes a little bit at the pink wine. But truthfully, this kind-of-spring time of year makes me crave it. It tastes what a sunny day on a picnic blanket in Prospect Park should.
And while I typically look for a crisp Provence variety, this month we're drinking California rosé, like this one from Rootdown, a name referring to the influence of the soil on the wine, particularly in organic winemaking. This bottle has notes of strawberry and cracked pepper on the nose with a tangy peach pit, plum peel flavor. And don't judge the wine by its shade, you "I only drink rosés that are millennial pink/almost white/almost orange" this one isn't syrupy sweet-- give it a shot.