April 2018 Reading & Tasting

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Born to survivalists in the mountains of Idaho, Tara Westover had a unique and challenging upbringing. She didn't set foot in a school until she has 17, and due to her parents distrust in the medical establishment, she never saw doctors or nurses, only being treated with herbalism. Educated is Tara's memoir detailing her struggle to learn and invent herself, despite her isolated family. 


Meet Amanda Schuster, a native New Yorker and a friend of mine who is the best let's-share-a-bottle buddy. She has a certification from the American Sommelier Association, and recently wrote a book, New York Cocktails. She curated our April pick: Aglianico, a red from Southern Italy. 

"Since this is a memoir about a late education, I say get really weird and funky with the wines!" Amanda said. "This is a wine from a very volcanic region in Basilicata that tends to have a kind of robust, leathery (in a good way) taste with hints of cherries and orange zest. When people ask me to pick a wine that really tastes like something, I tell them to buy this."