June 2018 Reading & Tasting



I've only heard good things about The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin. The scene is New York City in 1969, and a mythical, training psychic woman claims she can tell anyone the day they will die. Four adolescents decide to learn their fate, and the story follows each of them, showing how this affects their life paths. What would you do if you knew the exact date of your death? Would it change your decisions? We'll discuss more at the end of June. 


Pétillant Naturel, or Pét-Nat for short, is a spritzy wine that is bottled before fully completing its first fermentation, which lets carbon dioxide form from the natural sugars found in the grapes. The method started in 16th century France, a form used by monks. You may notice a bit of sediment in your bottle-- that's the yeast that was not removed during the winemaking process. It's good, I swear! The wine is slightly bubbly, sometimes a little sweet, but definitely a more rustic, funky taste.