September 2017 Reading & Tasting



Let's dive into Sour Heart by Jenny Zhang, her first story collection detailing the experience of Chinese American girls growing up in New York City. Each story is narrated by a child of a Chinese immigrant, exploring what it means to find identity within your family, your home, and your previous home. While I haven't read it yet, the title seems to be fitting for a dark yet humorous collection of stories. 


If I didn't live in Brooklyn, I would live in the Pacific Northwest. Or Provence, but that's for another month. Last year, I fell in love with Oregon's wine region: "It's like Sonoma, but so much less scene-y!" I told my husband when I returned. The expansive hills of grapes, small town feel, and the overflow of top-notch Pinot Noir won me over. So this month, let's drink to the Pacific Northwest-- Oregon or Washington Wines will do.