October 2017 Reading & Tasting



Alex Pope, commonly known as The Blonde Bookworm, fell in love with reading thanks to Roald Dahl's The BFG, now you can find her reviewing (and expertly photographing) new releases on Instagram and her blog. In honor of the season, Alex selected  the thriller The Best Day Ever by Kaira Rouda

"It is a creepy thriller that left me totally shocked. I loved it because it was totally different than other thrillers I've read recently!" she said.Here's the synopsis. 


Our October 2017 wine selection comes from Tracy Kennard of  the impeccably-designed Brunette wine bar in Kingston, New York, which serves an array of natural wines. Tracy's knack for pairing wine with music felt like the perfect fit for selecting a wine for our group this month. Tracy selected Chillable Reds; read about her pick below. 

"Things we do around here, regardless of season, occasion, or weather:

Drink rosé year-round
Drink bubbles, even when it’s not a special occasion (and especially with a bucket of fried chicken on an unassuming Tuesday night)
Drink red wine with a slight chill

Not all red wines, but often lighter, brighter, easy-going grapes such as Cabernet Franc and Gamay and even Pinot Noir can benefit from a light chill. We keep ours in the wine fridge at about 52-55 degrees, but 15 minutes in an ice bath before serving, or 30 minutes in a fridge can also do the trick.

One of our favorites right now is Julian Merle's Champ Blanc. 100% Gamay from Beaujolais. Not a quick turnaround Nouveau, but one with a little more age on it. 

It tastes like a walk in the woods after the rain; Shielding your eyes from the bright splashes of sun flooding through the trees, mossy, rainy morning soil below your feet, and the promise of the unexpected that lies ahead," she said.