October 2018 Reading & Tasting

social creature.jpg


October is only a couple days away, a month that lends itself to thrillers, mysteries, and something a little darker. I selected Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton, a suspenseful tale of obsession, following the entwined lives of two women living in New York City. Louise is a failed writer who works three jobs in order to survive, while Lavinia is a wealthy socialite who introduced Louise to a more lavish lifestyle.  Burton is Vox's religion correspondent, so you can expect the story to feel very current, as she touches on cultural and economic themes of living in New York and modern day technology. 


NYC Book & Wine Club Member Katie Richey, a yoga teacher, bangin' home book and the resident lady wine nerd at Kings County Wines in Brooklyn, picked this month's wine. For the first full month of fall, Katie chose Dolcetto, a lesser-known Italian grape found in Piedmont. 

"Often in the shadow behind more well-known Piedmont grapes (I'm looking at you, Barolo, Barbera, Nebbiolo), Dolcetto is harvested, bottled, and sold early so winemakers can make money while their other wines age. It's a benchwarmer grape. But this month, we're putting it in the game!" she said. 

Katie's selection is spot-on for the season. She notes that in places like Dogliani, Dolcetto shines as a silky, red fruity, softly tannic wine that drinks the way your sweater feels. 

"When October arrives and all you want is to read on the couch in your soft pants, Dolcetto is your yet to be your new best friend," said Katie.