August 2018 Reading & Tasting



This August, we're focusing on one grape: Gewurztraminer, an aromatic variety used in white wines that typically grows in cooler climates. You'll be able to pick out the grape in a glass by its lychee aroma, which can come across as a sweeter wine, but that's not always the case. Gewurztraminer is usually found in bottles from France (specifically Alsace), Germany, or Austria, but is grown here in the United States and Canada, too. I chose one from Alsace, with an aroma of a bouquet of roses and honey, and a rich, velvety texture. 

To pair with the wine, I thought we needed something seemingly sweet, but surprisingly rich and full-bodied. The Gunners, by Rebecca Kauffmancenters around Mikey Callahan, who is suffering from macular degeneration at thirty-three years old. He reconnects with a group of childhood friends, after one friend of the group had committed suicide. The event pivots Mikey into confronting the darkness of his past. The Gunners is character-driven, with themes of friendship, truth, and forgiveness.