February 2018 Reading & Tasting



The power of women's voices has emerged in various forms recently: in the workplace, entertainment, and of course, politics. While women's voices have always been a key pillar of Book & Wine Club (through our writers, guest curators, and members), when selecting February's read, I wanted to choose something that is not only written by a woman, but is deeply entrenched in the timely topic of women and power. I selected Naomi Alderman's The Power


I've recently become a fan of Josie Zeigler's Instagram @sipculture, where Josie serves up insightful, non-pretentious, and fun wine recommendations. Josie was kind enough to select this month's wine pairing for our group. She picked the wine region of Ribeira Sacra in Galicia, Spain. "The wines are earth-driven, but easy drinking, typically good crowd-pleasers. Bonus points if you can find a bottle from a female wine-maker!" she said.